Joseph Lemert Whitmer (Lem) is an ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ and has full standing in the Christian Church of Greater Kansas City.  He served as its Moderator from 1996 to 2000.  He has served in some form of professional ministry for 51 years. During that time, he has ministered to congregations in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.  Weston Christian Church is among the congregations he has served (1998 – 2001).

He is the son of missionaries and was born in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He lived there with his mother,  father, a brother and sister until the age of nine.  Other places he has lived in childhood are Switzerland and Jamaica.

In his service and commitment to Christ’s ministry Lem says, “I believe in a God who shepherds a congregation of sons and daughters sharing love and compassion for all people.   As a tool dedicated to the teachings, values and sacrifice of Jesus, I have dedicated my life and strength to help that congregation in its service.”

Pastor Lem will be with us in the pulpit on August 4th and August 11th.  Join us!

August 4th:

August 11th: